Changing the Face of Mental Health

Reversing Stigma. Transforming Lives.

Since 2004, Innercept residential treatment center has been a renowned leader in changing the face of mental health for adolescents (ages 13 – 18) and young adults (ages 18 – 28). Located in the resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho surrounded by natural beauty, we offer two of the largest continuums of programming in the field. By combining an evidence-based model with a soft-landing environment, we can set the stage for our residents to learn new ways to function and flourish throughout their lives.   


Utilizing the integral-psychology approach that focuses on the whole person, we can more effectively assess, diagnose and treat young people with a multitude of complex psychiatric issues, along with medical struggles that may not have been thoroughly addressed. Through the flexibility of our program continuums, together with the resident's family, we can develop goals, adapt structure and respond to both growth and struggle, while tailoring our approach to the varied dimensions of each individual.


The creation of a therapeutic structure allows residents the freedom to gain a better understanding of who they are in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. The individuals at Innercept are empowered to make choices from a menu of positive, healthy options that work to reinforce their core-value systems and build life practices that help them sustain long-term wellness. This unique, guided-treatment approach differentiates Innercept from other residential mental-health programs and enables adolescents and young adults to fulfill their potential.

How We Do It

About Us

Helping young people emerge from risk and vulnerability is not just a career choice, it’s the life’s purpose of every team member. Our diversity of thought, modality, clientele and expertise are at the center of developing treatment plans that fit the complexity of each individual. By applying our individual strengths and experiences with safety and respect, we can more effectively help our residents heal. It’s this level of personal dedication and breadth of professional backgrounds that sets us apart from other residential mental-health treatment programs, and also what makes us more successful.

Adolescent Programs

Teens and their families come to us for help with academic, social or other issues that have caused them to struggle. Many times, these include a multitude of complex mental-health issues and medical conditions that are correlated, producing a cycle of cause-and-effect that keeps them from achieving lasting wellness. From stabilization and intensive treatment to the support of our transition program, we provide a continuum of services that incorporate the behavioral, cognitive, social and spiritual aspects of every individual, allowing them the opportunity to thrive vs. merely existing.

Young Adult Programs

From the start of treatment through living independently, we provide a safety net of services that support our young-adult residents and their families every step of the way. From stabilization and intensive treatment to our transition and Ingage programs, our integral-psychology approach helps soothe distress by providing individuals a sense of control over their lives and mitigates negative coping patterns. It also serves to define individual strengths and interests to build upon, while identifying any emerging challenges to address.

Resident Profile

Young people accepted into Innercept's treatment programs have average to very high intelligence, pockets of extremely high function (i.e. academic, sports, social, area of interest, music, etc.) and loving family- support systems. We are recognized in the mental-health field for our ability to assess and treat young people with the most complex aggregation of diagnoses and symptoms, including those who have experienced many failed attempts at treatment in other settings.

  • Mood, depression and bipolar disorder

  • Anxiety and panic disorders, OCD, social anxiety

  • Executive functioning issues

  • Adoption and attachment issues

  • Autism spectrum disorders and/or related diagnoses

  • Strained relationships with parents and authority figures

  • Decline in academic performance

  • Trauma/PTSD

  • ADD/ADHD conditions

  • Anger management

  • Eating disorders

  • Thought disorders

  • Personality disorders

  • Negative peer relationships

  • Somatoform disorders

  • Gaming addictions

  • Technology addictions

Why Innercept?

Our Approach

For adolescents and young adults, we are a world-recognized mental-health treatment center of choice for those seeking a clinically sophisticated treatment option for their loved ones. The results have been nothing short of astounding.

Our Team

Since 1994, an ever growing group of innovators, physicians, psychologists, therapists, teachers, allied-health professionals and staff have been utilizing the ground-breaking integral philosophy to create environments for hope, healing and transformation at Innercept.  

Key Differentiators

  • Soft-landing environments with the perfect balance of natural beauty and urban amenities
  • Expansive continuum with multiple programs

  • Full-time professionals with advanced degrees for Innercept and Coeur Assessment Center

  • Ability to accept psychological and medical complexity

  • Dual diagnosis use of integral-recovery model unique to the industry that supports relapse prevention

  • Design and quality of our treatment surroundings

  • Community-relationship building through educational and vocational opportunities

  • Internal sub-acute sections of programming

  • Fully accredited school, grades 7-12

  • Teacher support for higher education

  • Licensure through Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

See what sets us apart


The lessons I learned at Innercept – I am convinced life is not so much about what happens to us, but rather how we respond to the situations and people we encounter. This much I know: failure is inevitable, perfection is impossible, success is measurable, happiness is attainable, and I... I am able.